Alchemy of the Heart - Awaken Your True Heart
Cultivating the Sacred Feminine Within
With Carrie Woodburn
Irvine, California ♦ Saturday, October 25, 2014

What does your life look like in a paradigm which fosters resting in the wondrous ways of women such that you honor yourself, the sisterhood of women, and open for the men in your life to experience a shift in their own orientation as men?

Alchemy of the Heart - Awaken Your True Heart - Cultivating the Sacred Feminine from WithinHow can our loved ones possibly savor the sweet nectar of our pure essence
if we are but scarcely sipping?
- Carrie Woodburn

What does your life look like with you fully embodying your feminine authority, sovereignty, beauty and grace?

Imagine the richnessof creation wanting to course through you.

Step into the expansion...unlock the calling of your feminine heart...

David Elliott's Healer Training Level 1 Class - Taught by Carrie Woodburn in Laguna BeachThis workshop for women will guide you in cultivating a deep relationship with the sacred feminine energies within you such that your experience in every-day life becomes an expression of the richness and authenticity of your feminine wisdom, sensuality, strength, beauty and grace.

We will work with guided mediation, breathwork, movement and restorative energetic clearings to balance the feminine and masculine forces within you allowing you to reclaim your genuine feminine power.

In this workshop you will create your own personal sacred feminine power mesa (altar) to support you in developing a daily practice of awakening a deeper relationship to the sacred feminine within.

This workshop opens you to clear your energetic, emotional, physical and mental bodies of energetic distortion absorbed from past relationships, trauma or pain, and to heal from the injustices inflicted upon women by women.

We will open a gateway for you to anchor in the purity of your true essence, and as we reclaim the sacred feminine principles for all women and for the Earth Mother, we realign with the ways in which we once related together as a sisterhood in the ancient temples. "When the sisters align in their sacred truth, it will heal the masculine" says Carrie. The workshop completes with a beautiful ceremony honoring the sisterhood of the ancient temples.

By the completion of the workshop your mesa will be set to guide you and teach you of the power of "complete woman".

...$120 Registration includes lunch

List of items to bring along to create your sacred feminine altar will be provided upon registration.